Russian tea is bought on the farm. This Ivan-tea

Russian tea is bought on the farm. This Ivan-tea

Where can you buy real Russian tea? Who remembers this ancient Russian drink, which is always many times superior in quality characteristics to many famous world brands of tea.
Today, the trade war between large tea corporations removed Russian tea from the first positions on the trading market. And not many people remember that another 200-300 years ago Russian tea (Ivan-tea) was highly valued in England, Switzerland and France. Now Russian tea is forgotten, but from this the quality of tea and its properties, the characteristics do not become worse.

Now, perhaps, you ask me: What tea are you talking about? I’ve never heard of Russian tea (Ivan-tea), where can I buy it? I want to try this Russian tea to give him my personal evaluation, but where does he lie?

This is a very simple answer for your questions — you can buy Russian tea from me. A real Russian tea cooked on an ancient recipe, buy on my farm.
My Russian tea belongs to the category of expensive high-end tea. It has a pleasant unique taste, has a wonderful fruity smell, tea has a rich deep color and a huge palette of useful substances.

Russian tea, This Ivan-tea, The Ivan-tea,

When making Russian tea, the use of dyes, preservatives, fixer (other chemicals) is absolutely excluded. We make Russian tea using only hands work; I do not have the tools and equipment, it will not spoil the taste of tea.

Write me your question and I will answer for you. Or write for me on my email:

Russian tea description.

The famous willow-tea or, as this plant is also called, is narrow-leaved, is famous for its useful healing properties. It grows more in Eastern Siberia, in the Central region of the Russian Federation, occurs in the central part of Ukraine, and the neighboring countries bordering on Russia.

Russian tea, This Ivan-tea, The Ivan-tea,

I can produce black leaf tea of strong fermentation, green leaf tea of medium fermentation, black granulated tea of very strong fermentation. If necessary, I can send you test samples for you to try and evaluate the quality of my tea.

To harvest the plant «Kiprei narrow-leaved» my farm can only in an environmentally clean location, in forests and glades, very far away from cities and the highway.

It is important to know

According to the analysis of the percentage of nutrients in ivan-tea in different regions of the Russian Federation, it can be concluded that there is a slight difference (in the aerial part of the plant, including leaves, stems and flowers):

Russian tea, This Ivan-tea, The Ivan-tea,

Proteins — 12,21-16,4%.
Mucus (polysaccharides, which are easily hydrolyzed) — 8,83-19,37%.
Fiber — 13,13-26,01%.
Tannic compounds — 6,12-10,1%.
Anthocyanins — 1,01-1,81%.
Lignin — 8.67-13.8%.
Chlorophyll a — 5.11-8.02 mg / l.
Chlorophyll b — 9,34-13,56 mg / l.
Carotene — 3.64-7.59 mg%.
Rutin — 16027.72 mg%.
Vitamin C — 56,38-225,1 mg%.

This is what is especially rich in the above-ground part of the willow-tea:

Tannins. They are in Russian tea up to 20%. They are represented by tannin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Especially valuable is the action for people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. No less important is the property of tannin, such as the binding and removal of toxic metals from the body.
Slime — so called polysaccharides, which are easily hydrolyzed. In leaves of willow-tea they make up to 15%. Due to their sufficient intake into the body, a person becomes more energetic and active.

Kiprei narrow-leaved

Vegetable fiber is an extremely important substance for the work of the intestines, and such fiber is not dissolved and is subsequently eliminated from the body completely.
Carotenoids. These substances are important for the synthesis of vitamin A.
Protein substances.
Organic acids.

Pectin. Like tannin, this substance helps to bind and remove from the body any poisonous substances. Sufficient use of pectin is important for the normalization of metabolism, circulation and digestion. It is also capable of binding harmful cholesterol.
Flavonoids. Ivan tea contains a lot of quercetin, as well as kaempferol. These substances strengthen the vessels, preventing their fragility. They also protect cells from oxidative stress, which prevents the body from premature aging and cancer.
Alkaloids. In the plant they are contained in small quantities.
Russian tea does not contain caffeine.

Composition and properties of the product

You already understand that Russian tea is made from a plant — kaprenia narrow-leaved. This plant contains tannins, which have antibacterial action, plus they are able to remove toxins of harmful metals from the body during poisoning.

The plant contains small pectin, which contributes to the normalization of the circulatory process, improves the functioning of the intestines, removes cholesterol from the blood.

Russian tea, This Ivan-tea, The Ivan-tea,

Russian tea contains important vitamins — A, B, C, PP groups. These elements serve to protect the body, promote the formation of the right hormones. Vitamins prevent the onset of diabetes, slow the aging process, reduce a person’s tendency to stress.

Carbohydrates contained in the Cyprian, during combustion, supply cells with energy, normalize the work of the intestine. Macro-elements (copper, manganese and iron) in the plant are involved in increasing hemoglobin, form and strengthen bone tissue. Very important elements of the plant are triterpenoids, which suppress a large number of cancer cells.

Healing properties

The composition of the spray contains flavonoids, which increase the working capacity of the body, bring the muscles of the person into tone. As these elements are involved in the treatment of infectious, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

The vitamins contained in this plant maintain a normal milk level in the mother’s nursing baby. Chlorophyll and various microelements favorably affect the hormonal background.

This Russian tea is used and as an anesthetic, it is capable to remove painful sensations at disturbance of work of system of digestion. Ivan tea serves as a normalizer of blood pressure, has diuretic properties, and also reduces the risk of cancer.

Such tea can be drunk to a healthy person, since it can prevent a number of diseases. One cup of tea a day will help calm the nervous system, relieve insomnia.
For patients with gastritis, colitis, ulcer, anemia, hypertension this tea will be very useful. For women, it has a positive effect on cystitis, infertility and menstrual irregularities.

More information about my Russian tea you can watch here: watch .

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